I’m a director with a long history of creating text-driven, actor-focused, audience-connected productions.

My work is deeply collaborative. I see my work as shaping what the actors bring, rather than imposing my own Big Concept on them. We pick the lock of the play together.

My work is heavily influenced by my training in Elizabethan theater, but I’m more interested in using what I have learned from theater history to provide inspiration for my work than in recreating the theater of the past.

Although my primary training is an MFA from the American Shakespeare Center, I’ve directed a wide range of plays, from early modern comedies to dramas hot off the playwright’s presses. My plays have toured in Michigan, Ohio, and New York City. I have a particular passion for verse dramas, but I enjoy all sorts of directing. I excel at creating ensemble pieces and empowering actors to work alongside me as artists, rather than, as E. Gordon Craig demanded, “ubermarionettes.”

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many fantastic companies, including Pigeon Creek Shakespeare, The American Shakespeare Company’s Education Division, Eastern Mennonite University Theater, and The Great American Theater Company. I am grateful to have had wonderful collaborations with both educational and professional theaters. I am also the founder of Silk Moth Stage, where we produce “new classics” in a place-based, audience-connected, imagination-driven style.

I’ve written a few blog things over the years that give a pretty good idea of what I’m like in rehearsal. Here are some of my favorites:

Directing Credits:

Check out each theater to see images and video!


Bridgewater College Theatre
A Bold Stroke for a Wife

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company
Richard III (remount)
Measure for Measure

Silk Moth Stage
Wonder of Our Stage


Silk Moth Stage
Give Us Good

Quill Theatre
Merry Wives of Windsor

The Tragedy of Queen Katherine (virtual reading, independent production)

Harrisonburg High School
As You Like It (cancelled mid-process due to corona virus)

Slow Your Role Theater Co.
Sperm Donor Wanted (virtual production)

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
Measure for Measure (virtual reading)

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
Richard III
Antony and Cleopatra (remount)

York College Theater
On the Verge

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
Antony and Cleopatra
Much Ado About Nothing (remount)

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
Much Ado About Nothing

Community Mennonite Church
Abundant Joy: A Sermon with Shakespeare Scenes

Singers Glen Community
Singers Glen

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
The Duchess of Malfi

American Shakespeare Center Theater Camp
Much Ado About Nothing

Eastern Mennonite University Theater
The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

CrossRoads Heritage Center
Jordan’s Stormy Banks

Eastern Mennonite High School Theater

John Kline Homestead Foundation
Under the Shadow of the Almighty

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet (remount)

Eastern Mennonite High School Theater
Noye’s Fludde
All In The Timing

Bridgewater College Theater
Winter’s Tale

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet

The Great American Theater Company
Give Us Good

The Great American Theater Company
Washed (touring to the Capital Fringe Festival, in Washington, DC)

Eastern Mennonite University Theater

American Shakespeare Center
A Game at Chess (assistant director, staged reading)

The Great American Theater Company
Washed (staged reading)

Eastern Mennonite University Theater
Love’s Labor’s Lost

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare
Julius Caesar (toured in Michigan and New York City)

Mary Baldwin College/American Shakespeare Center
Ben Jonson: His Masque

Mary Baldwin College/American Shakespeare Center
Toil And Trouble
Masters thesis presentation for M.Litt. candidate Anna Christiansen

Mary Baldwin College/American Shakespeare Center
Shakespeare’s Mariners
Masters thesis presentation for M.Litt Candidate Jesse Manson

Sound, Trumpets!
My masters thesis presentation

Hiram College Theater
A Play Of Poems
Copenhagen (concert reading)
W;T (concert reading)
Krapp’s Last Tape

Hiram College Theater
Arabian Nights
Antony And Cleopatra

Hiram College Theater
Degas, C’est Moi

Robert C. Byrd High School Theater
Something Over the Rainbow

Robert C. Byrd High School Theater
Words, Words, Words
The Universal Language

Athens Shakespeare Festival
As You Like It (assistant director)

Robert C. Byrd High School Theater
Sorry, Wrong Number
What Button to Press?

Harden Elementary School
Elf Hardware