In 2009, I co-founded The Great American Theater Company with my brilliant friend, Pam Mandigo. Pam is a playwright, and we wanted to produce some of her work. We ended up doing only a couple of shows together before she moved away, but that work was incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. We took one of her shows, Washed, to the 2010 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC. The other, Give Us Good (2012), we performed in a site-specific production in a local back yard.

From The Great American Theater Company, I learned a lot about collaboration, pushing through chaos, fund raising, and love. In the years since we closed it down, I’ve worked with nearly all of these actors again at other companies. It was a positive experience for all of us.

Reflections on my work with The Great American Theater Company

  • Give Us Good

    Give Us Good

    I’ve found myself talking with people about Give Us Good, by great American playwright and resident genius Pam Mandigo. This was the play that Pam wrote when I asked her to write “a Victorian roadtrip bromance with puppets.” I feel like this play is … like if Pam took my soul and put it into a…