How many theater spaces have you felt allowed to bring your whole self?

If you’re in a space where you are hearing Everyone is replaceable*, or You’re not pretty enough to be an actor*, or If this show is not your only priority, you need to get your priorities straight*, or If you’re not suffering, it’s not art*, you know you are not truly welcomed, right?

What about practices that ostensibly allow for consent-based work, but guilt people out of exercising their “no”*?

Why don’t we teach directors, teachers, and other people in positions of power the health and safety implications of an artform where humans are the medium?

Why do we keep causing harm and closing doors, when we know it’s wrong?

We’re all trapped in a web of harm that we perpetuate because “that’s how we’ve always done things.” Costume designers, artistic directors, publicity folks—we’ve all bought into a toxic system. It’s time to cash out. But how?

I’m on a mission to change our industry. 

I have spent the past five years talking with mental health professionals, directors, stage managers, designers, and of course, actors. I’ve developed Take 5: a framework of basic principles and concrete tools.

Over the next several months, I’m teaching workshops on Zoom and in person, to train leaders in a better paradigm for working with actors.

Won’t you join me?

Upcoming workshops:

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  • General sessions (on Zoom):
  • I’m also available to do workshops for specific organizations. Let me know if your theater would like to bring me in. I am especially interested in working with university theater departments.

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I am not a mental health professional. However, Take 5 has been vetted by three licensed professional counselors. As part of developing Take 5, I became certified in Mental Health First Aid, but that is the extent of my formal certification in this area.

I do not believe that theater leaders should be therapists. We have very different jobs. Take 5 is about examining the traditional rehearsal environment’s impact on theater workers’ well-being and offering concrete tools for creating healthier spaces, guidance about what to do if a person experiences an acute mental health event during rehearsal, and basic principles for working with actors whose chronic mental illness impedes their work.

Take 5 training can be adapted for your organization’s needs. Depending how in-depth you want it to be and the size of your group, trainings can be 2-8 hours long. If your organization has specific challenges, I’m happy to prepare some customized content. Additionally, I offer consulting on things like audition announcements and intake forms (did you know these set the stage for good mental health? I was surprised, too!).

* All things that I witnessed or experienced in theaters before I turned 25.