I have been incredibly lucky to have a long and productive relationship with Eastern Mennonite University’s theater department. Beginning with my MFA thesis production of Love’s Labour’s Lost, I have served as a frequent guest artist and educator for EMU theater since 2009. I have led Shakespeare workshops, taught theater history classes, mentored young directors, attended the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival with their delegation, and directed three plays there. My connections with EMU theater students have been a source of great joy. In many cases, they have gone from students to collaborators and friends.

Our work together includes Love’s Labour’s Lost (2010), JB (2011), and The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (2016).

Reflections on my work at Eastern Mennonite University

  • Theaterpalooza


    It might seem like I’ve been quiet over here, but it’s because I have been going all over the place filling up on plays. After the Long Intermission, I am saying “Yes, and!” to any play I can reasonably manage to get to. Between October 15 and November 13, I saw twelve plays (14 if…

  • Baby’s First Light Hang

    Baby’s First Light Hang

    David, at EMU theater, mentioned to me that he was pretty behind on getting the lights done for an upcoming production of Macbeth. So I offered to come lend a hand…but of course, I’d have my tiny assistants with me. He said that was okay–maybe they could drop color for him–and so we went over there…

  • Top Five

    Top Five

    Seeing people’s #threefictionalcharacters posts this week (which has been super fun, by the way), I’ve been thinking of other ways to sum up a person in just a few items. Here’s one: What are your top five creations? Ground rules: Listing your children is cheating. It should be stuff you’re proud of and that helped…

  • Guiding Principles

    Last spring, while on tour at King University in Tennessee, with Pigeon Creek Shakespeare, Katherine snapped (and subsequently facebooked) a sign in their greenroom that said, “Pursue your goals. Pick up your cues. Tell the story.” I joked that I need that on my tombstone, so I can direct from beyond. When he was directing…

  • Theater History Party

    Theater History Party

    So, this is what I wrote on Facebook this morning: “[An EMU student] reminded me why today is important–it’s class registration day at EMU (apparently. By “reminded” I mean “informed”). I’m teaching theater history and also vocations. So register! It’s going to be the best theater history class ever. Recent grads should audit it just for…

  • Church Drama: Why Is It All Terrible?

    Church Drama: Why Is It All Terrible?

    I have a confession to make: When the worship committee at my church asks me to direct a skit for the service, I cringe inside. I say yes, of course, but I’m really Not Into It. I gather up my people, we do the little skit, everyone compliments us very kindly afterward, but, oh, I…

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    We’re featured on EMU’s news page!