In 2022, I founded a theater on my porch to produce “new classics,” using Shakespeare and Company’s definition: “The highest truths, universally told, with healing powers.” We can debate what the highest truths are all day long. I doubt a universal telling is truly possible. But I know we need those healing powers.

Our work is getting noticed by theater artists all over the country. I could not be more grateful for the serendipity and magic that is our daily reality at Silk Moth Stage.

  • Underneath the Lintel at Silk Moth Stage

    Underneath the Lintel at Silk Moth Stage

    One interesting thing about this phase in my career is that I’ve been doing this for a long enough time that when I go back to something, there’s a lot of change to notice and reflect on. I’ve been working on Underneath the Lintel this spring at Silk Moth Stage. It’s a one-person show, with…

  • Wonder of Our Stage at Silk Moth Stage

    Wonder of Our Stage at Silk Moth Stage

    Having the opportunity to stage a world premiere is always a gift. I’ve been lucky enough to direct workshop productions of two Pam Mandigo plays (Washed, Give Us Good), and one by TJ Young (Sperm Donor Wanted). At Silk Moth Stage, we’ve now produced two world premieres, and we’re only in our second season. When…

  • Healing Powers

    Healing Powers

    Come spiritCome charmCome days that are warmCome magical spellCome help him get well If you’re a former theater kid who now has a both favorite kind of ibuprofen and a favorite Taylor Swift song, you probably recognize these words. They’re the ritual created in the last scene of the musical Secret Garden, where the children…

  • Give Us Good at Silk Moth Stage

    Give Us Good at Silk Moth Stage

    We ended Silk Moth Stage‘s 2022 season in mid-September, with Give Us Good by Pam Mandigo. I haven’t posted about it yet because it’s hard to find the words. I have rarely had the experience of seeing what I dreamed become reality in such a complete way. The only other time that comes close was…

  • Movement: A new direction

    Movement: A new direction

    The best part of my day these days is welcoming actors to the Silk Moth Stage for rehearsals of Give Us Good. Working on a world premiere is exciting (Pam Mandigo’s script is such a gift)! Directing for this immersive, flexible, wild space gives me goosebumps. Creating with familiar and new-to-me actors is a joy.…

  • Every Brilliant Thing at Silk Moth Stage

    Every Brilliant Thing at Silk Moth Stage

    I’m so excited that we’re opening Every Brilliant Thing at Silk Moth Stage tomorrow! I’m producing it, and last night, I got to watch the run, including the live pre-show music by Azalea Twining. I am so thrilled with the work Katie Downing (performer) and MaryBeth Killian (director) have done on this project. For those…