Take 5 is my framework for creating anti-traumatic spaces for theater workers. So much of what we do—as directors, administrators, designers, stage managers, actors, publicists, etc, etc, etc—harms our collaborators. We couldn’t have designed a more traumatic system if we were deliberately trying to. I’m on a mission to change that.

Last spring, I taught a number of workshops on Zoom, to people working in all areas of many different types of theaters, from community theaters to K12 education, to Equity houses. Those workshops went well and were super interesting for me. I clarified my thinking because of the insightful questions people asked. After the one-off workshops, a number of participants invited me to do workshops for their companies.

I’ve scheduled a few new sessions for this month. One thing I have added is a session just for people working in educational theater at the high school or university level. The power dynamics of educational theater are different from those in other theaters.

I’ve also changed my pricing from a flat fee to a “pay what you can” scale, with a suggested amount of $25-$75. I just want this conversation to happen, and I don’t want cost to be a barrier. Click the links below to register, or check out my page on Take 5 to learn more.

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