I’m so excited that we’re opening Every Brilliant Thing at Silk Moth Stage tomorrow! I’m producing it, and last night, I got to watch the run, including the live pre-show music by Azalea Twining. I am so thrilled with the work Katie Downing (performer) and MaryBeth Killian (director) have done on this project.

For those of you who haven’t been playing along all summer, what is Silk Moth Stage? It’s a small professional theater company that creates community events with a play at the center. We’re producing new classics (borrowing from Shakespeare & Company’s definition of the classics: “The highest truths, universally told, with healing powers.” I think there’s some interrogation to make on that description. What are the highest truths? Is a universal telling even possible? But I know for sure, we need those healing powers.

Katie Downing rehearses Every Brilliant Thing on the Silk Moth Stage.

We’re trying to create a different kind of theater-going experience, inspired by the days when people went to a play to see and be seen, to connect with their friends, to share an experience together. People are invited to come an hour or so before the performance, have a picnic (folks are welcome to bring their own food, but we’re also partnering with Sugar & Bean to let people order picnic dinners). We’re inviting people to hang out afterwards, share a campfire, talk with the artists.

Randi B. Hagi, from WMRA Public Radio, came out to the homestead to do a story about Silk Moth the other night. Please give it a listen! I think Randi really captured what we are trying to create.

Curious? Tickets for Every Brilliant Thing are selling fast, but we’ll make room for you.

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