We moved our rehearsals over to Agecroft Hall and Gardens, where we’ll be performing, this past week. Even though working outdoors has been challenging (to say the least—a windstorm took out our sound tent and knocked over the walls!), it’s also an absolutely magical place.

Anne Kenny-Urban, the executive director of Agecroft, took us on a tour of the house before our rehearsal Saturday. It’s a fascinating and weird story; Agecroft was built in England in the 1500s, and then some Gilded Age bazillionaire bought it, dismantled it, and had it reconfigured and reassembled here in Virginia.

The house feels very Tudor, and is set up to emphasize that, with 16th Century paintings and furniture and suits of armor all over the place.


I’m in love with the grounds, with how it feels to be outside with nature and these words. Last night, I saw a redtail hawk fly low over the house, and later on, a blue heron flew to the river to fish and then returned. The actors run their hands through the rosemary outside of their dressing room for good luck on their way to the stage.

It’s tech week, which means there are lots of things I can’t do. I have to be accessible to people, but also stay out of the way. I’ve never had a better set of options for “out of the way, but still very findable” than I do at Agecroft. My favorite spot is this bench, which faces a little fountain and is surrounded by flowers

Moment captured by Nicole Morris-Anastasi

I am having so much fun. My cheeks hurt from grinning. Doing live theater again is such an incredible gift, and even more so after this long intermission.

Come check out Agecroft and Merry Wives for yourself! The show is running for all of June. Tickets are on sale now.

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