People I hardly know have started coming up to me and saying, “So, I hear you’re doing As You Like It at Harrisonburg High School next year,” which I guess means I can announce it!

I’m excited to work with HHS students on their spring show. I’ve had a few eye rolls from snotty people about doing a high school show, but I love working with teens! HHS staff has been friendly and supportive as we’ve talked through ideas, the parent boosters seem excited about this collaboration, and those of the students that I know are lovely.

This past year, I coached Kate Cummings, who was a junior at HHS, for the English Speaking Union’s Shakespeare competition. She won our notoriously competitive region and went on to compete at Lincoln Center. I’m excited at the chance to work with her on a bigger piece, as well as many of the other students I know there.

I learn the most when I’m working with people at a lot of different levels. When I work with seasoned pros, I stretch myself to keep up with them–I never want to not have something to offer them. And when I’m working with relative neophytes, I stretch myself to find clearer, cleaner, more accessible ways to share the text. Often, something that I learned from working with one group helps me know how to work with another. I have a nice range of projects coming together for my 2019/2020 season, and this high school show balances that spectrum perfectly.

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  1. Yes! Go ahead and announce it! 🙂 We are super excited to have your talents meshing with our students. Looking forward to it immensely!!

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