Richard III, at Pigeon Creek Shakespeare, started with the idea that all violence is misogyny, and the question, “What if all the curses of the grieving women had real, literal power?” Magical realism Shakespeare!

Through exploring those questions, we found how terrible a character could be, and how kind a cast could be. Although I directed 3/4 of this production as a disembodied head, the audience’s reactions to it were visceral.

This was one of the most-lauded shows we’ve done. We got a fantastic review in Encore, Michigan, and a “Best of the Bard” Wilde Award nomination for the production, as well as a Wilde win for Scott Lange, who played Richard. We were supposed to remount it for a production in 2023, but it was cancelled due to a COVID outbreak. We hope to have another chance.

Thanks to Seraphina Zorn for these photos! More here.

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