Remember that time I said I was done with Duchess-obsessed posts? Lies, lies, all lies!

I meant it at the time, but then Scott Lange sent me the production photos and they are SO GOOD and I love them.

Sarah Stark took them during a performance at the Dogstory Theater in Grand Rapids.

I’ve added text to give some general idea of where they were in the script, but no guarantees that I got the exact right moment.

Here’s the cast list:

The Duchess of Malfi                                  Katherine Mayberry

Cariola, her woman                                               Julia Stuedle

Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria                                    Sean Kelley

Cardinal, his brother                                             Chris S. Teller

Julia, mistress to the Cardinal                          Bridget McCarthy

Bosola, Gentleman to the Duchess                          Kat Hermes

Antonio, Steward to the Duchess                             Scott Lange

Delio, his friend                                                     Kathleen Bode

Marquis of Pescara                                       Janna Rosenkranz

Count Malateste                                                   Steven Wright

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