I read the following poem to Silas. It’s a Mother Goose rhyme that was reprinted in a magazine: Cross patch, / Draw the latch, / Sit by the fire and spin. / Take a cup, / And drink it up, / and ask your neighbor in. Silas claps his hands in excitement and says, “It’s […]


Big Bird Is a National Treasure

I usually try to avoid posting things that are basically political, but well, when certain politicians slam public broadcasting, I get cranky (before you say it: Juan Williams. Yes, he was fired for saying some political things. His First Amendment rights were not being jeopardized. He signed a binding contract to uphold NPR’s ethics code, which […]


Theater History Party

So, this is what I wrote on Facebook this morning: “[An EMU student] reminded me why today is important–it’s class registration day at EMU (apparently. By “reminded” I mean “informed”). I’m teaching theater history and also vocations. So register! It’s going to be the best theater history class ever. Recent grads should audit it just for […]


Church Drama: Why Is It All Terrible?

I have a confession to make: When the worship committee at my church asks me to direct a skit for the service, I cringe inside. I say yes, of course, but I’m really Not Into It. I gather up my people, we do the little skit, everyone compliments us very kindly afterward, but, oh, I […]


Give Us Good

I’ve found myself talking with people about Give Us Good, by great American playwright and resident genius Pam Mandigo. This was the play that Pam wrote when I asked her to write “a Victorian roadtrip bromance with puppets.” I feel like this play is … like if Pam took my soul and put it into a […]


Romeo and Juliet

In rehearsal the other night, Sean Kelley, who had been Romeo in my 2012 Romeo and Juliet at Pigeon Creek Shakespeare, pulled out his phone and started showing me pictures of my play that I had never seen before. Pigeon Creek remounted my production in 2014 to perform at The Rose, a reproduction Elizabethan theater at […]

Julius Caesar Review (MLive)

By James A. Kroll NEW YORK CITY – Last night (Aug. 13) I had the opportunity to see the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company’s New York City Debut, a production of “Julius Caesar” performed with an all-female cast. It was staged at the Kraine Theatre in the East Village, once renowned as the home of the […]