Struggling to keep track of all the streaming theater content? Trying to promote the Zoom readings you’ve got planned? ME TOO.

I made this calendar to track all of that.

Please add events using this form.

You can view the calendar here, or add it to your own Google calendar by clicking the +Google Calendar button in the bottom right corner of the calendar.

Send me stuff! Tell your friends! This calendar is only useful if lots of us use it.


What about things that are available indefinitely? Is this only for live streams?

For shows that are available for a long time, I’m noting “Available indefinitely” next to the name of the show and setting the “end time” for the end of the year. Crossing my fingers that we’ll be scheduling LIVE shows by then!

What time zone is this in?

Here where it’s displayed above, it’s Eastern time. However, if you hit “+ Google Calendar” or click this link, you should see everything corrected for your local time.